Here’s an interesting quiz about emotions from Juliana Uklomogbe.  Emotions are critical in marketing as we’re learning they make our decisions, not the logical part of the brain.

QUIZ: Which of the body shots above (1-5) indicates Sadness, Disgust, Fear, Anger and Happiness? Jot down your answers and then check the answers far below. No peeking.

            1                      2                      3                      4                      5

If you’re in marketing or advertising you’ve probably read Thinking, Fast and Slow by world-famous psychologist Daniel Kahneman. He proved without doubt that our emotional brain makes our decisions, and the logical brain is just the mouthpiece. This happens because emotions have no words. Words are stored in the logical brain’s library. So, the logical brain ends up doing our talking and writing and it eventually believes it’s in charge. However, it’s just the spokesperson for our (mute) emotions…our gut feelings. Here are some definitions to help you with the quiz.

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Answers: Sadness 5, Disgust 4, Fear 3, Anger 2 and Happiness 1.

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