Harness the Marketing Power of Logic Supercharged with Emotion

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• Entrepreneurial Ventures
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“Feelings Rule (CL)” play video {:26}

#1: Conduct “Opinion” Research

Don’t ask what people “think,” ask how they “feel”

“Fight Brain Fatigue (KW)” play video {:24}

#2: Find the Perceptual Momentum

Analyze verbatims for clusters of agreement

Top 1% Amazon


“The most pragmatic book on consumer marketing in years!” – Amazon.com

“Its radical! It’s digital! Cutting edge for connecting with customers.” – Fast Company’s Report from the Future

“Feedback That Resonates (CL)” play video {:25}

#3: Explore Synergistic Connections (Logic and Emotion)

Discover key logical premise(s) and emotional reward(s)

“Emotion Dominates (CL)” play video

#4: Determine the Key Trigger Word(s)

Find the word(s) that resonate most powerfully

“Words Matter (CL)” play video

Donations Up 91%

“If you think your pledge is unimportant, think again.”  

Leaped from 89th to #3 in Applications

“Co-op. Education that works.”  

Dramatic 76% Sales Increase/Expansion

“Don’t you just love a bargain.” 

Two Best Seasons Ever! 

“The best snow means the most fun.”  

#5: Conduct Rich Analysis with Highly Actionable Recommendations

Give clients news they can use

Guaranteed for Life. Maybe Longer.
Patented Lead-Free Safety Monitor

“Creatives Like Research? (CL)” play video

“Trigger” Word Clients & Categories


  • Entrepreneurial Ventures
  • Advertising
  • Brand
  • Social Media
  • Taglines
  • Names/New Products
  • Employee/Customer Feedback
  • Lead Generation
  • Memberships/Alumni
  • Non Profits/Members
  • Medical

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PR/Social Stories

Arthur D. Little
BASF Bio-Tech Site
Brown University Alumni
Homeland Security
Mass Medical Society (Physician Exodus Crisis)
National Car Wash Study
WGBH On-Air Donations

Branding/Advertising Stories

Christmas Tree Shops
Northeastern Co-op
Okemo Mountain Resort
Peridex P&G
PUR Water Filter (Launch)
Unitarian Universalist Association

Tag Lines/Names/New Products/CSR

Abbott Labs/Medisense (Precision QID)
Bertucci’s Tag Line (Brick Oven Pizza)
BI/Deaconess Parent Name (the Caregroup)
BI Physician Finder Name (the BI Information Line)
Charles River Labs (Decline in Scientist Ratings)
Gillette New Product (Liquid Soap)
Massachusetts Library System Name (Libraries Online)
Reebok Outlet Stores New Product (Kids Pro Sport Jerseys)
Rockport New Shoe Line (DresSports)
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